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Today’s Conforma 3000 represents sixth generation conformal proton beam radiation technology.

Designed with nearly three decades of experience in real world therapeutic treatments, the Optivus Conforma 3000 is the most efficient, reliable, safe, precise and environmentally friendly proton therapy system on the market today. This system is FDA-cleared for up to 7 rooms.

New facilities can be configured with 1 to 5 gantries using a variety of floor plans. The system is designed to be modular and scalable. A center can start with one accelerator and one treatment room and can then expand as needs and resources permit.

Since its original design and commissioning, the Optivus team has completed more than $100 million in upgrades and enhancements. This represents the most proven state-of-the-art technology available today. 

The Conforma 3000 is designed as a turnkey system. World-class training, ongoing maintenance and upgrades are a key to the 30 to 50 year life span of an Optivus built and designed system.

 Proton Radiation Treatment System
State-of-the-art treatment room at the JMSPTRC.
Odyssey is the most powerful, technically mature and intuitive radiation Treatment Planning System (TPS) system on the market today. The ground-breaking team, who brought the world the first clinic-based proton treatment center in 1990, in Loma Linda, California, also created Odyssey. This dedicated team formed PerMedics, Inc. to ensure the ongoing focus and development of the treatment planning software that is now Odyssey 5.0.  

Odyssey was the world's first FDA cleared TPS on the market and has been used to create tens of thousands of cancer patient treatment plans worldwide with protons, photons and electrons. 

Learn more about Odyssey and PerMedics.

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