Our Mission: Saving Lives With Proton Therapy
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In 1988, the Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) in Southern California, under the direction of Dr. James M. Slater, undertook the unprecedented challenge of building the world’s first hospital-based Proton Beam Cancer Treatment Center. The facility would consist of three gantry rooms, one fixed-beam room and one research room. 

A technical engineering team was formed and led by Jon W. Slater. He and his team were positioned at Fermi National Laboratories in Batavia, IL, to manage the development and design of the world’s smallest synchrotron accelerator for use in this new center.

Subsequently, Jon Slater and his team returned to Southern California to continue the design, development, and manage the installation of the remaining components required to commission the LLUMC proton center.

By October of 1990, only 36 short months after the initial ground-breaking, the first proton beam treatment room was fully operational and the first patient was successfully treated at LLUMC. Shortly thereafter, the original technical engineering team, led by 
Jon W. Slater, was further entrusted with the ongoing technical enhancements and maintenance of the entire proton treatment center.

To meet future demands for this life saving technology within commercial markets, this technical and engineering team was transformed into a commercial business entity. On June 1, 1993, Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc. (Optivus) was founded on the principals of continuous excellence in design and development of this superior disease treatment technology.  

For nearly three decades, the Optivus team has had one mission: 
Saving Lives with Proton Therapy
Proton Pioneers
James M. Slater, M.D. FACR
Visionary and Pioneer in
Proton Radiation Therapy
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